LQM joins the GBA Group

The GBA Group, founded in 1989, specialising in food, environmental and pharmaceutical analysis and LQM, a leading laboratory and global provider of analytical services, inspection and consultancy in the Food and Environmental sectors, have announced their future together. .

Laboratorio Químico Microbiológico

LQM is the leading laboratory and global distributor of analytical services, inspection and advising in the food and environmental sectors.
With locations in Murcia and Seville, LQM offers a wide range of solutions in quality, food safety and environmental matters.
With the best available technology as well as highly qualified employess, LQM offers services with the highest quality, reliability and short delivery time.


Quality and reliability are essentials values in LQM. The laboratory has a huge accreditation scope in constant growth.


The strong focus placed on science and technology, legal trends and the development of the market allows LQM to design and develop processes and services to meet their clients' needs. .


The business model from LQM is based on the offering of services to meet their clients’ necessities , with respect towards its employees and producing the minimum environmental impact.

News and Events

It can be difficult to stay on top of the news in the quality, food safety and environment areas. Through its Headlines and Events section, LQM informs about relevant news, such as legal developments, technological and scientific breakthroughs, that affect the interested parties.

LQM joins the GBA Group

LQM joins the GBA Group

The GBA Group, founded in 1989, specialising in food, environmental and pharmaceutical analysis and LQM, a leading...

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MAY 2022

Farm to Fork

LQM offers analytical services that cover the full supply chain, from farm to fork. To be able to do so, a business process is followed that allows consumers to ask for budgeting as well as to check the analytical results from their samples from a personalized client portal. .


Forms specifically designed for both for information or budgeting application.

Sample recollection service

For clients located in a 100km radius of Murcia Laboratory.


Once the samples are registered, they are sent to the different laboratories for the analysis of the requested parameters.

Issuance of reports

The results will be sent by email to our clients. Once they have been issued, clients will be able to check them in their client area.


Use the following form for any question or suggestion. Further details on a topic or needed information not found in the webpage can be requested using the form. We will get back to you through email or a personal phone call.