Laboratorio Químico Microbiológico - Accreditations


At LQM we work to provide the best service to our clients and interested parties. Today accreditation is key to guaranteeing the technical capacity of a laboratory as well as the reliability of the results issued.

In this sense, LQM has continuously expanded its scope of accreditation , having, today, one of the largest scopes in the Spanish market, covering a wide range of parameters and arrays .

As proof of our commitment to accreditation , it should be noted that LQM is the first laboratory to have ENAC accreditation for multi-residue pesticides in "Prepared foods ready for consumption" . Likewise, LQM is the first private laboratory with ENAC accreditation for acrylamide in tests of agri-food products (olives, baby foods made from cereals, cereal flours and products to flour base, including processed products, dairy products, French fries and fried snack products.


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