Laboratorio Químico Microbiológico. Health and safety policy

Health and safety policy

It is the management’s commitment to ensure the safety and health of its employees, providers and customers. To do so, every member of the organization, respects the safety and health legislation in the workplace and works towards putting it into practice in every process of the business activity.
The principles followed by LQM for an effective preventive action are the following:

  • The effectiveness of prevention of occupational risks is based on the involvement of the entire organizational structure in the development of the preventive system and its continuous improvement. The structure is subject to periodic reviews in order to maintain and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the achievement of the objectives set.
  • The implementation of prevention management will be carried out looking for synergies with the management systems used.
  • Prevention and collective protection measures will always be a priority for individual protection systems, for the reduction and control of occupational hazards.
  • The information, training and continuous participation of all workers in the preventive activity is necessary as a guarantee of success in the improvement of the preventive culture, the control of the risks and of the emergency situations.
  • It is up to each worker to ensure, according to their possibilities and by complying with the prevention measures adopted in each case, for their own safety and health at work and for those of others that may be affected by their professional activity, because of their acts and omissions at work. In accordance with their training and the instructions of their superiors.
  • The Company Manager will be responsible for the direction and planning of the preventive activity, to achieve the goals set in occupational safety and health.
  • Under no circumstance is the non-application of basic safety measures at work that could jeopardize the integrity of our employees or third parties justifiable.


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