Laboratorio Químico Microbiológico. Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

LQM, as a management company, is aware that it has a commitment to the Company and the environment in which it operates. Therefore it manages the services from a perspective of strong environmental awareness. This commitment is specified in the Environmental Policy, based on the following principles:

  • Comply with the current legislation applicable to the organization and ensure the knowledge of the legal requirements that affect us
  • To facilitate the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the organization by reviewing the environmental aspects generated by our activity and improvement programs as well as by periodically evaluating the effectiveness of the environmental management system
  • Achieve an effective reduction of the environmental impact of our activities and increase the positive impact of our service, applying clean processes and technologies.
  • Establish the necessary measures to prevent pollution and allow a rational use of natural and energy resources.
  • Provide adequate environmental training to our employees, also promoting a greater degree of environmental awareness and participation
  • Promote among suppliers and contractors an environmental action in accordance with these principles, valuing in their selection their environmental attitude
  • Collaborate with Administrations, Organizations and Public and Private Entities with the aim of promoting actions aimed at the improvement of our environment.


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