Laboratorio Químico Microbiológico - Gas Chromatography

Analysis - Chromatography Gases / Mass spectrometry

Foods are complex matrices that are difficult to analyze. The identification of traces of certain substances, desirable or undesirable, in these matrices requires the use of different chromatographic techniques including GC and Tandem with mass spectrometry.

In LQM a combination of all these techniques including GC / MS / MS Triple Quadrupole (QQQ) is used to identify and quantify analytes in any type of matrix.

In its long history as a laboratory, LQM has provided qualitative and quantitative data to its clients, helping them solve problems and acquire important know-how. Any analysis, from identification of undesirable substances, to the identification of rare reactions, can be determined in LQM thanks to the accumulated experience, the high qualification of its team and the excellent technology used.

Pleasure is the chemistry that allows us to say: I feel good! Its finding solutions to challenges

Análisis cromatografía de gases Cromatografía gases


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